About us


We are an International Human Resources Development Service Provider, based in Reutlingen and Rome. The expertise of our multilingual and multicultural team of consultants, trainers and coaches provides a wealth of experience from over 1.000 human resources development projects representing in more than 52 countries.

We offer solutions from one source in the areas of leadership, sales, team building, cross-cultural competence and communication - worldwide.

Challenges of Human Resources Development

Due to the megatrend of globalization, more and more companies are facing global challenges in human resources development.

This results following core issues:

How can you ensure global sustainable effective and efficient technical, methodological and social skills of your employees?

Are you able to develop a worldwide corporate culture which is clear and vivid everywhere?


For the implementation of an international human resources development strategy, there are three effective levers available:

1. Use of Cultural Diversity

2. Expansion of Global Performance

3. Increase the Local Performance


Therefore, the utilisation of cultural diversity of all colleagues is the core of Cultural Diversity.

 The theme of Global Performance is about the implementation of global concepts and methods in an effective and efficient way, for example by an international leadership program, team building of international teams or increased qualification in internationally recognized standards and processes.

In order that the employees in local subsidiaries and branches will do right things right, it is necessary to build up local knowledge and expertise: Local Performance is the motto!